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Lube Station

Original price $8.50 CAD - Original price $19.99 CAD
Original price
$12.50 CAD
$8.50 CAD - $19.99 CAD
Current price $12.50 CAD

I got a lot of feedback in the design process for these, and I believe they are better thought out than a lot of the acrylic ones out there. 

  • Stems sit the right way up, so you can pick them up with your fingers/grabber tool without getting lube everywhere
  • Bases are snug and have switch top slots so you can put the tops on in the station
  • Cutouts to accommodate retooled Cherry stems
  • And most importantly, you're not paying $25+ USD for a lube station!

The 1x10 (orange one) is a newly designed lube station to also hold your tops so you can keep track of everything. Super important if you are lubing worked in switches!

Colors are random, just based on what kind of filament I have kicking around- helps me to get rid of odds and ends and not waste :)