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Local pickup in Calgary

Huge SPRiT Restock (SLOW II & III, ALPS, 15g Choc and more!) Oct 14

Lube Station

$12.50 CAD
Unit price  per 
Lube Station

I got a lot of feedback in the design process for these, and I believe they are better thought out than a lot of the acrylic ones out there. 

  • Stems sit the right way up, so you can pick them up with your fingers/grabber tool without getting lube everywhere
  • Bases are snug and have switch top slots so you can put the tops on in the station
  • Cutouts to accommodate retooled Cherry stems
  • And most importantly, you're not paying $25+ USD for a lube station!

Colors are random, just based on what kind of filament I have kicking around. If you want to have a specific color done, just email me and ask - I don't bite :)

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