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Cherry MX "Butter Browns"

$12.00 CAD
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READ: This is a short pre-order. The expected ship date is sometime in the week of Dec 13 (Things could get a bit delayed due to holiday shipping delays, but this is a pretty conservative estimate as is). I'm opening these up so people that want Butter Browns can still take advantage of the BFCM deals, but are okay with waiting a few weeks to get their order.

Sold in packs of 10, minimum order is 30 switches (3 packs of 10). Orders with less than this will be cancelled according to the return policy. 

    Cherry MX Butter Browns are a 5-pin MX Brown Hyperglide (Feb 2021 Batch) that has been mechanically actuated 320,000+ times to 'break in' the switch and increase the smoothness. The POM sliding on the nylon simulates years of use, creating a smoother feel just like the vintage switches we all desire - without the dust, desoldering, ultrasonic cleaning, spring swapping, and thrift shopping.

    Cherry MX "Butter Browns"

    I custom designed the machinery for this, and as a mechanical engineer you have my word that these switches are being broken in on precision machines, and not some silly "rock taped to a fan" device. This helps keep the stresses on the leaves to a minimum, as the pressing is no harsher than your fingers. The machine also introduces extremely slight oblique presses, as we never have perfectly centered and straight down presses when we type. This helps to wear the switches evenly and effectively.

    Sales on worked in switches are final, as this is a product with a service rendered upon it.

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