My name is Andy and my email is - I usually reply instantly, and will be happy to answer any questions about orders, products, or keyboard stuff in general. Don't hesitate to reach out.

About Us

RNDKBD is a 2 person operation from Calgary, AB, Canada. We produce innovative keyboard designs with a focus on local manufacturing. Our goal for 2021 is to increase the offerings in our shop, and to serve as a Canadian hub for more keyboard kits, parts, and accessories.


RNDKBD was unofficially started in 2018, after I designed and printed a case for vintage Apple Keycaps while interning at a firm that let me use the 3D printer they had outside of business hours. The board was called the ADK64, and after posting it to Reddit and Geekhack, people seemed to like it. From there I coordinated with Keyboardbelle to run a small group buy for it, so lets call that the genesis of RNDKBD.

By 2019 my modelling skills had progressed and I designed the PLA75 gasket mount 75% - again I worked with Keyboardbelle to have the GB units manufactured.

2020 forced me to adapt, and now I run my own printing operation, so I have full reign over the design, prototyping, manufacturing and QC of all my boards. Every board that comes off the printer is subject to the same high standards I hold for my own builds.