3DKeebs x Gazzew Boba Black U4T

3DKeebs x Gazzew Boba Black U4T

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** PRE ORDER STARTS 4/5 - Switches Ship Late April **

This is simply a Gazzew U4T re-color. All Black for belated Black History Month.

Gazzew's super thocky Boba U4T switches are here. I like to think of them as a Holy Panda's more sane cousin with a nicely rounded but slightly less extreme bump, better QC, and no awful factory lube on the stem. They feature a longer stem post for an earlier bottom out and that signature thock we all know and love. 

These housings are a secret plastic blend of plastic that is softer and smoother than nylon, resulting in an excellent thocky sound profile

The stock springs are a mid weight 62/68g Korean spring, so there is no need to swap for quality/tolerance reasons.

Boba tactiles also feature a redesigned leaf made specifically for tactiles - allowing for that sweet sweet bump and virtually no leaf ping.

 Switch Details: 

  • Available in 62g & 68g
  • Tactile
  • All Black Housing and Stem
  • Longer stem pole (long poles for THOCK)
  • Light lube on leaf and spring base
  • Limited Run

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