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Free Canadian Shipping for orders over $250 CAD! Use code CAN250

Gateron Oil Kings

by Gateron
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Original price
$28.99 CAD
$28.99 CAD - $28.99 CAD
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Restock expected by the end of June.

If you're buying anything to do with oil, you're probably best off getting it from a guy in Calgary ;). Oil Kings are a premium linear switch from Gateron - They are an homage to the vintage black (similar to an H1) using Gateron's renowned "ink" material for the bottoms, and Nylon tops like all great switches should. The switch features a black 22mm long spring which is comparable to a to an 65g SPRiT SLOW Extreme 3.

They sound fantastic once lubed, and are extremely smooth.

Oil kings come in packs of 35 switches.

Housing Material

Bottom: Gateron Ink Material
Top: Nylon PA66
Stem: POM

Spring Info & Factory Lubing

Spring: 22mm long, 65g bottom out

Factory Lube: A medium coat, slightly heavier than typical Gateron switches. Excellent consistency between switches, some of the best factory lubing I've seen.

Lubing Recommendation

205g0 or bust. These linears benefit from a nice thick lube. Give the whole stem a nice light coat, and give the bottom housing sliders a medium coating. Keep the stock springs, they are nice and long - you may want to oil them to prevent any ping.

To top it off, some thin films prevent any housing wobble in Gateron switches.