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Free Shipping on orders over $200 CAD (Canada) and $125 CAD (USA)
Free Shipping on orders over $200 CAD (Canada) and $125 CAD (USA)

Gazzew Bobagum Silent Linear Switches

by Gazzew
Original price $8.75 CAD - Original price $8.75 CAD
Original price
$8.75 CAD
$8.75 CAD - $8.75 CAD
Current price $8.75 CAD

Sold in packs of 10.

No wobble silent linears in a colorway that will make you say HUBBA BUBBA!

These Gazzew Bobagum switches feature Gazzew's signature no-wobble tops, a smooth travel, and a silent bottom out. A must for any linear-lover that wants to keep the noise to a minimum. These are smooth. Like better than Gateron/in the JWK ballpark smooth.

The 68g variant comes with an opaque top, while the 52/62g variant has a clear RGB compatible top to let your lights shine!

Housing Material

These housings are a secret plastic blend of plastic that is softer and smoother than nylon, resulting in an excellent thocky sound profile.

Spring Info & Factory Lubing

The stock springs are a mid weight 62/68g Korean spring, so there is no need to swap for quality/tolerance reasons.

The springs are donut-dipped in lube to prevent ping, and the leaves are lightly lubed - the sliders are completely dry.

Lubing Recommendation

I don't recommend lubing silent switches. The lube can make the silencing pads gummy. Enjoy these as they are :)