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Whipped Cream (1.2 million actuation) switches are back for a limited time! Click here


Frequently asked questions about products, shipping, timelines and more.

Where do you ship from?

All of our products ship from our warehouse in Calgary, AB, Canada. We offer local pickup for Calgarians, and ship our products worldwide via Canada Post or DHL.

My Tracking Number doesn't work

You probably selected Untracked Shipping.

If you did not select untracked shipping, and you just got the notification that your package has shipped, it's because I haven't generated the shipping manifest for that batch. The tracking numbers update as soon as the manifest is generated, and can be a day after the label is generated - hold tight!

Very rarely something gets borked and I can sort it out, so please contact me if it is neither of the above.

What are the processing times

I aim to have all orders shipped within 3 business days of orders being placed. Please keep the human on the other side in mind when emailing/DMing about order inquiries. There sometimes is an exception for worked in switches, as well as keyboard kits (lead time will be stated on the product page), and events out of my control (sickness, family emergency).

Untracked Package Information

Untracked packages are to be used at your own risk. There will be no returns/refunds for lost untracked packages, as I or the postal service cannot guarantee these once they leave my hands. You cannot purchase Route shipping insurance on untracked shipments. The description under the untracked shipping methods warns you of this, and refunds will not be given for Route if you fail to read what you are purchasing.

With that being said, I have had very few issues in the last year with untracked US packages.

$4.99 Untracked Bubble Mailers (Oversized Lettermail) within Canada are also quite reliable.

What are the shipping times?

4-7 days for Expedited Parcel within Canada

7-28 days for Untracked Bubble Mailer within Canada

5-10 days for Tracked Packet to the USA

10-14 days for Untracked Bubble Mailer to the USA

1-2 weeks to Europe and Japan/Korea

Up 2-3 weeks for SEA

Please note that these are just estimates, and can change rapidly due to weather, lockdowns or thermonuclear war.

Can you underdeclare the value on customs for my order?

No. Shipments are reported at full value, this is non-negotiable. This is called customs fraud and it is a crime in many trade zones/countries.

I think my package is lost! What can I do?

If you have an untracked package, please see the Untracked Package Information section.

If you purchased Route shipping insurance (best option, as the process for non-Route claims are painful) you can submit the claim yourself in a few minutes at - if it is lost, they will purchase your order again on your behalf and I will send it again!

If you have a tracked packet within Canada without Route, please contact Canada Post and have them open a service ticket for a lost package. Then contact me at once you have the ticket and I will help from there. Note that the maximum claim that can be made is for $100 CAD, and Canada Post is quite stingy on insurance payouts - Route is highly recommended.

For international customers without Route, a lost package requires patience. Please contact me at and I will begin a ticket with Canada Post. Finding lost international packages is quite rare, so I again recommend Route or DHL Express if shipping via your country's national post isn't extremely reliable.

My package is marked as delivered and is nowhere to be seen!

First check with neighbours or behind plants near your door etc. first.

Second, I've been noticing that postal carriers (Canada Post and USPS both do this) will mark a package as delivered, but won't physically deliver it until the next day. I think this has something to do with quotas and is a terrible practice, but please wait one day after this has happened to contact me - it usually turns up. If not, we will proceed as if it is lost. See above.

When is X product coming back in stock?

If it isn't declared on the product page when something is expected to restock, feel free to check with me either via email (bottom of page) or Discord (top of page).

Can I have a discount code?

Sure, why not - you read the FAQ. Type the last name of the NBA G.O.A.T in the discount bar for a few % off.