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Whipped Cream (1.2 million actuation) switches are back for a limited time! Click here
Whipped Cream (1.2 million actuation) switches are back for a limited time! Click here

Terms and Conditions


Returns will be granted on a case by case basis at my discretion. In all cases the customer is expected to pay for return shipping if there is no issue with the product. If the customer requests to cancel an order before it is shipped, a 3.5% restocking fee will be applied. Please note that switches are not applicable for returns, as there is no way to determine if they were modified/opened/tinkered with. PCBs are only eligible for return/replacement if they are tested and found to be faulty before building - instructions are provided on how to test them.

Group Buys

Group buys are a common method of service and sales in the mechanical keyboard community.

Money is collected up front by the runner/vendor, then a bulk order is placed to the manufacturer once orders are closed.

By ordering a group buy product on this website, you understand that there may be variances in the timeline or production of this product.

I agree to disclose all and any group-buy related issues on their respective GB threads on geekhack, Reddit, Discord etc.

Once the group buy product order is placed, no cancellations or refunds will be allowed.

Untracked Packages

Untracked packages are to be used at your own risk. There will be no returns/refunds for lost untracked packages, as I or the postal service cannot guarantee these once they leave the possession of RNDKBD.

You cannot purchase Route shipping insurance on untracked shipments. Route is only supported for tracked shipments, and a warning is given under untracked shipping methods telling the buyer to remove Route if they wish to use an untracked shipping method. This is a limitation of Route itself.

Fraudulent Orders

Orders that are flagged as "High risk of Fraud" by Shopify will be cancelled automatically with the restocking fee.

Bulk Orders

Bulk orders of more than 10 packs of springs or 500 switches will be cancelled unless cleared with me via email first. I am not a bulk supplier, I only sell to end users.

I make mistakes sometimes!

If I happen to miss an item in your order, I will be happy to refund the item in full or ship it to you at my expense.

In the rare case of a defective product, once provided appropriate evidence/reasoning I will refund the defective product in full and cover any return shipping if needed.

For all inquiries, reach out to me at - it never hurts to ask :)