Dec 1 Update: R2 is half shipped, expecting to get the other half out before Dec 15.

PLA75 Gasket Mounted 75%

A 3D printed, gasket mounted 75% with RGB underglow, USB-C, QMK/VIA Support, and the best sound profile in the game.

PLA75 R2 Raffle Entry


Rather than doing a first come first serve method of distributing the limited group buy spots, I am leaving it up to chance so more people can have an opportunity to get one. Put your email in the form to be entered into the draw for a chance to purchase the PLA75 in the next round (Wednesday December 30). These draws will continue indefinitely until everyone who wants a board gets one. After that, the PLA75 will be an in-stock product for the forseeable future.

Round Statuses (as of Sunday Nov 15th):

Round 1: Shipped Monday Nov 9th

Round 2: 7/15 orders shipped. Waiting on clear filament (In transit to me)

Round 3: Raffle drawn. In production

Round 4: Draw on December 30th

If you have already entered, you are still in the pool for future mini-rounds - no need to enter again.

GeekHack Thread

PLA75 Colors

Translucent Bottoms

Printed from Ingeo 3D850 translucent filament, these bottom pieces are made from the clearest filament on the market for excellent LED distribution. Non-translucent bottoms can be made upon request.

Translucent Top Colors

The standard roster of translucent filaments is available for the top pieces, as well as opaque black and white.

Custom Colors for an extra unique board

If you want something beyond the standard offerings, I can procure custom colors to meet the needs of your build! *May incur a small fee based on filament price.

PLA75 Assembly Instructions

PLA75 Features

PLA75 + Lubed NK Creams Sound test by KB Keebs

PLA75 Gallery

Prototypes and customer builds.