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PLAneko60 is here! Click here for details
PLAneko60 is here! Click here for details


O-ring gummy mount, hotswap, and thocky as can be - you can't ask for more in a budget board.
In-stock now!

Purple Cherry Pie Switches

A BCP alternative for that smooth long-pole thock. Kailh can't ruin this one.
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Broken-in Switches

Cherry and Kailh switches mechanically actuated to 320,000+ presses on custom designed machinery. Smooth and consistent as can be!
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A USB-C, QMK/VIA numpad - a perfect companion to any compact board. MX & ALPS support, with over 30 colors to choose from.
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BT60/65/75 Bluetooth PCBs

Full featured wireless Hotswap and Solder PCBs are finally here. Months of battery life and wireless freedom await.
Type untethered.


Gasket Mount 65% Keyboard. QMK + VIA. Special Edition FR4 Plates + 12 point gasket mount. 30+ color choices and interchangeable top pieces.
The best sounding board you'll own

SPRiT Springs

High tolerance springs in various styles and weights
Let's bounce

Gazzew U4T Switches - April 21 Restock

A thocky tactile with an extremely satisfying round bump. There's a reason I can't keep these in stock for long.
Get thocked
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