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Local pickup in Calgary

Huge SPRiT Restock (SLOW II & III, ALPS, 15g Choc and more!) Oct 14

SPRiT ALPS Springs

$17.00 CAD
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Replacement springs for your ALPS. These are just plain ol' linear springs, just as they were in vintage ALPS switches. All ALPS springs are also compatible with Choc switches.

Each bag contains ~100 springs.

Further descriptions can be found on SPRiT's website.

SPRiT ALPS Springs

15 cN - SPRiT Ultra Light Edition World premier  Jan 2019
20 cN - SPRiT Ultra Light Edition World premier  Apr 2018
25 cN - SPRiT Ultra Light Edition World premier  Apr 2018
30 cN - SPRiT Super Light Edition World premier  Apr 2018 
35 cN - SPRiT Super Light Edition  Matias Quiet Linears 
40 cN - SPRiT Super Light Edition
45 cN - Green Linears, Matias Linears & Tactiles 
50 cN - Orange Tactile,  White Clicky
55 cN - Blue Clicky, Salmon, Black & Cream Tactiles, Cream & White Damped, Yellow Linears  
60 cN - Brown Tactiles
65 cN - Amber Clicky, Cream Linears 
70 cN - Brown Linears 
85 cN - Gray Linears

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