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Gazzew U4/U4T switches restocked. TX AP Screw/Clip-in stabilizer restock.
Gazzew U4/U4T switches restocked. TX AP Screw/Clip-in stabilizer restock.

Cascade Hotswap 60% PCB

Original price $67.95 - Original price $71.72
Original price
$67.95 - $71.72
Current price $67.95

Restocked. PCBs are now red.

Cascade is a universal 1.6mm thick 60% USB-C PCB designed to support the most common layouts used. It features RGB underglow, JST support, and is QMK/VIA compatible. The variant without the USB-C is a perfect drop in replacement for the Bakeneko60 and other gummy mount boards. Cascade is named after Cascade Mountain, located near Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada.

With USB-C Connector: For standard boards such as the PLA60 that use the soldered on USB-C Connector.

Without USB-C Connector: For Bakeneko style boards that use a Unified Daughterboard.

No JST Cable included, can be added separately from this page.


Hotswap 60% USB-C PCB (solder available soon)

MX-compatible switches only


Overcurrent & ESD protection

RGB underglow

Tray & Unikorn R1 mounting points

QMK/VIA compatibility

Hotswap/Solder variants

Additional Information

Inspired by PCBs such as 4pplet’s waffling60 and hineybush’s h60, both the solder and hotswap variant of this PCB can support multiple layouts including split-backspace, split right-shift, stepped/normal caps-lock, and ANSI/tsangan bottom rows. Powered by the trusty ATMEGA32U4 chip, Cascade has ESD data line protection, a PTC fuse for overcurrent protection, and is QMK and VIA compatible out of the box.

NOTE: For the hotswap variant, cherry profile keycaps may have trouble bottoming out on regular caps lock since it has a north facing profile in order to accommodate a stepped caps lock option. North-facing switches in general have bottom-out issues specifically for the R3 cherry profile, however the only place affected on the Cascade PCB is regular caps lock (1.75U). I consider this as more of an inconvenience than a major issue. – kbye