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Gazzew U4/U4T switches restocked. TX AP Screw/Clip-in stabilizer restock.
Gazzew U4/U4T switches restocked. TX AP Screw/Clip-in stabilizer restock.

Gateron Lunar Probe Switch

by Gateron
Original price $5.28 - Original price $5.28
Original price
$5.28 - $5.28
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Introducing the Gateron Lunar Probe Switch, a long-pole linear mechanical keyboard switch that redefines smoothness. With Gateron's dual rail stem and factory lubrication, this switch offers virtually no stem wobble and a buttery typing experience. The elegant color scheme, inspired by satellite aesthetics, adds style to your setup. The long pole stem design enhances acoustics for a creamy typing sound with a thocky bottom out. The excellent factory lube and custom spring mean this is a "no work needed" switch - perfect for both jaded OGs and people looking to get started with the hobby!

Sold in packs of 10.

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Detailed Switch Information

• Type: Long Pole Linear
• Operating force: 45g
• Actuation Point: 1.8mm
• Total travel: 3.6mm
• Spring: 22mm dual-stage
• Stem: POM
• Top Housing: PC
• Bottom Housing: Nylon
• LED Support: SMD​
• Pre-lubed: Yes, Gateron's latest factory lubing technique
• Pins: 5-Pin

What's a dual-rail stem?

The dual-rail stem is Gateron's latest innovation in switch smoothness and stability. Check out the second image for a look at the new design.