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Use your keyboard to acquire more keyboard parts. Great savings on your favorite switches, PCBs, boards, and parts!
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Gazzew U4Tx "Half-Thock" Tactile Switches

Long pole thocky bottom out with a silenced upstroke. Dustproof no-wobble stem. New Gazzew proprietary blend plastic.
Only hear the good stuff

Broken-in Switches

Cherry and Kailh switches mechanically actuated up to 1.2 million presses on custom designed machinery. Smooth and consistent as can be!
Check 'em out

Gateron Cream Soda Switches

Milky top, Ink Bottom, Long pole POM stem. Sound tests on product page!
Extras available now!
new black boba u4 silent tactile switch gazzew rndklbd canada

Gazzew Boba U4/U4T Switches

The ultimate silent & thocky tactile with a re-imagined housing
Back in Black

Gazzew Springs

63.5g bottom out, 17mm length. All you'll ever need.
Out of this world


Gasket Mount 65% Keyboard. QMK + VIA. Special Edition FR4 Plates + 12 point gasket mount. 30+ color choices and interchangeable top pieces.
The best sounding board you'll own

Boston 120% Keyboard Kit

It's back, and it's in-stock!
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A USB-C, QMK/VIA numpad - a perfect companion to any compact board. MX & ALPS support, with over 30 colors to choose from.
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BT60/65/75 Bluetooth PCBs

Full featured wireless Hotswap and Solder PCBs are finally here. Months of battery life and wireless freedom await.
Type untethered.


O-ring gummy mount, hotswap, and thocky as can be - you can't ask for more in a budget board.
In-stock now!

SPRiT Springs

High tolerance springs in various styles and weights
Let's bounce
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