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Free Shipping on orders over $200 CAD (Canada) and $125 CAD (USA)

Gazzew U4Tx "Half-Thock" Tactile Switches

by Gazzew
Original price $8.75 CAD - Original price $8.75 CAD
Original price
$8.75 CAD
$8.75 CAD - $8.75 CAD
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Gazzew U4Tx are an excellent mashup of the U4T and U4, with some extra goodies. The switch features long-pole U4 stem. This keeps the silent upstroke of the U4, while the long pole stem allows the switch to deeply thock uninterrupted by the top out sound. These feature the same amazingly round bump as the U4Ts, and have 5-pin bottoms allow support for plateless/enthusiast boards.

The switch housing features a clear top and a bottom made from Gazzew's new proprietary plastic blend.

NGL they sound and feel as close to Orange ALPS as you can get in an MX switch.

Sold in packs of 10.

Housing Material

These housings are Gazzew's New proprietary plastic blend that is softer and smoother than nylon, resulting in an excellent thocky sound profile. It also fixes the yellowing issue when exposed to certain foams.

Spring Info & Factory Lubing

The stock springs are a mid weight 65g Korean spring, so there is no need to swap for quality/tolerance reasons.

Boba tactiles also feature a redesigned leaf made specifically for tactiles - allowing for that sweet sweet bump and virtually no leaf ping. The springs are donut-dipped in lube to prevent ping, and the leaves are lightly lubed - the sliders are completely dry.

Lubing Recommendation

For brush lubing, I suggest a light lubricant like TriboSys 3203. Coat the stem (but not the tactile legs or silencing pad) with a light coat.

For those interested in trying the Gazzew Method, pick up some Loob-3G in a dropper bottle.