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Building a back to school board? Check out the world-renowned super silent tactile U4 switches. Click here!
Building a back to school board? Check out the world-renowned super silent tactile U4 switches. Click here!

PLAneko60 O-Ring/Gummy Mount 60% Keyboard Kit

Original price $105.94 - Original price $117.29
Original price
$105.94 - $117.29
Current price $117.29

The PLAneko60 is a 3D-printed Hotswap Bakeneko style board with an O-ring/gummy mounting style. Each kit includes an FR4 full plate, Cascade Hotswap JST PCB (with cable), USB-C Daughterboard, a soft o-ring (30A) and hardware to assemble.

The end result is a flexible and very thocky sounding board! Who says you need pReMiUm MaTeRiAlS for incredible sound ;)

Three case styles are available:

  • RNDKBD Edition - Pictured in Oblivion Grey
    • The RNDKBD edition features an overhang on the sides, and a rounded back that flows gently to the underside of the case           
  • PLA Series Edition - Pictured in Sparkle Black
    • This board features the same chamfers and geometry as the PLA60/65/75 series of boards
  • OG Edition - Pictured in Translucent
    • This is the original 3D printed edition designed by kkatano, modified to have 8 mounting points to fit the Cascade PCB. A small, clean and understated case.
Color Options & Engraving

See the Filament Catalog for a list of all the color choices I offer.

If engraving is selected, please type what you'd like engraved in the order notes. I will use a centered and appropriately sized Coolvetia Bold font. I reserve the right to decline/refund orders with inappropriate messages.

Kit Information

Includes Hotswap Cascade 60% PCB

Universal FR4 Plate

Optional Genuine Cherry Stabilizers

JST Cable and USB-C Daughterboard Included

30A 262 size O-ring included

Switches, Keycaps and USB cable not included

3D Printed Case Disclaimer

Note that sales on printed products are final. Printed cases can have layer lines and very minor inconsistencies present, as the technology differs from traditional machining. I design and QC the cases with this in mind. This is normal for 3D printing, so ensure you are fine with this before ordering. In the rare event of serious defects, do not hesitate to contact me - I will make things right!