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Gazzew U4/U4T switches restocked. TX AP Screw/Clip-in stabilizer restock.
Gazzew U4/U4T switches restocked. TX AP Screw/Clip-in stabilizer restock.

Gateron Summertime Switches

by Gateron
Sold out
Original price $5.65 - Original price $5.65
Original price
$5.65 - $5.65
Current price $5.65

All customers have been refunded due to QC issues. A new version is in the works - it will be in-stock, not a pre-order. We will ensure every switch is of the highest quality that you've come to expect on this store. Working on a V2 soon!

Summertime features a full polished rail Milky top and bottom with molds being custom polished just for this project. The switch also brings the Ink material in the form of a lightly lubricated and polished 3.8mm travel linear stem paired with a dual-stage 63g long spring. The goal is to provide a nostalgic feeling and sounding quality linear with a bright sound profile akin to BCPs (black cherry pies) and a crisp bottom out at a mid-tier price point.

nainaigogo sound test It's really good.

Housing Material

Top: Polished Milky Plastic
Bottom: Polished Milky Plastic
Stem: Polished Ink Long Pole

Spring Info & Factory Lubing

Spring: High preload, 63g bottom out. 18mm
Factory Lubing: Medium coat, similar to Cream Sodas
3.8 mm travel

Lube Recommendation

The stock lube is pretty good, but if you must, use 205g0 or 3204. These linears benefit from a nice thick lube. Give the whole stem a nice light coat, and give the bottom housing sliders a medium coating. I also recommend oiling the springs, but the stock springs are quite pleasant so they don't need to be replaced, just get some oil on them to prevent any ping.

Some people like thick films on these, some don't bother - your call!